Mario Peña is a northern New Jersey based mixed-media visual artist. Mr. Peña is a graduate

of William Paterson University, where he earned a Bachelor Of Fine Arts with a concentration

painting. The artist draws inspiration and field of interest from subjects such as history, culture,

race, identity, music, and pop culture. He developed his style of multi-layered in depth creations

by being exposed to the wide range of techniques in art making ranging from drawing, painting,

printmaking, sculpture, photography and textiles. Mr. Peña uses an array of mediums in his work to

be able to capture feeling and emotion. He captures emotion in the most profound way to achieve

a sense of relationship and togetherness within a people. The artist’s intent is to relate his message

and vision with pure clarity to the viewers(s). He educates his viewers through his art on social

issues, struggles, and life. Mario Pena’s philosophy on life is that you should welcome your trials

and tribulations because they make you who you are.